Frequently Asked Questions

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Dance Classes

What does Kommotion School offer?
Komotion School offers a full range of dance classes (HipHop, Contemporary, Bollywood, Salsa) for every age group and level of ability.
Is there an age limit for dance lessons?
There is no age restrictions in joining our dance classes.
What should I bring to the lesson?
Dancers should always bring a smile, a bottle of water and appropriate dance attire/shoes to class.
What type of music do you use?
Komotion School hosts several hundred children and adults, all seeking an enriching movement experience that adds quality to their lives. The latest music in the music/dance world is used for all classes, when it meets certain criteria. A strict music policy has been set at Komotion School wherein music appropriate to the dance style is used. However, it is music that does not contain profanity, explicit sexual innuendo or morally compromising messages. Building a community where integrity can be cultivated in the dance classroom, Komotion School positions itself as a gateway to our students' personal conduct in dance and life.
What if I don't know what type of dance I want to study?
Students new to dance are able to take demo class of their choice to try it out before signing up. Demo class may be paid or free depending on the type of Class/workshop and the availability of our instructor.
Are there dance lessons on the weekends?
There are weekend dance lessons on weekends! Click here for a list of scheduled classes, days and times.
I am a beginner. Do I need to know anything before I come to my first class?
The first thing needed before coming to dance class is a smile! After that, removing the word "can't" from one's vocabulary is a requirement at Kommotion School, because we CAN achieve our highest potential! Team Kommotion will make every effort to place beginners in classes with other beginners. Therefore, it is not necessary to worry that you will be unable to keep up as most all students in your class will be at the same level of ability.

Kommotion Workshop

How does the workshop help me?
The workshop helps you to explore yourself, the various workshops do not only nourish your talent inside but also builds your personality as an individual
It helps you remove mental blocks, set a target and work hard for it. We in Kommotion School try to preserve you inside you.
Are there any form of demo classes?
Yes, but it may be paid or free depending on the type of workshop and the availability of our instructor.
How can I set up a Kommotion Workshop in my institution/Company/Organization?
You just need to fill a enrollment form, get it signed with the authority of your school and the school can set the workshop for you. Click here to download enrollment form.
What are the time durations of various workshops?
For different institutions the time requirement is different. Depending upon the timetable and other factors, various plans are available for different schools.
If the school does not qualify any of the available plans, a customized plan can be made for the school.
Do I need any basic training?
No. You will be powered from the very basic to advance level.
What are the basic requirements for the workshops?
Space to accommodate people, following Do's and Don'ts instructions which are provided at the beginning of every workshop, a workshop gear set which you already have (in case you don't you can buy from us at a very nominal price).
Do I need any special equipment?
It depends on the type of workshop being held in your institution (Special equipment does not imply expensive gadgets, just the workshop gear set as mentioned above).
Is the environment safe and controlled?
Yes it is, but you are yourself responsible for your actions and behavior.

Fitness Classes

What does Kommotion School offer?
Komotion School offers a variety of fitness forms (Zumba, Aerobics, Labbooca, Bokwa, Pilates, Stretching, Meditation).
What happens in a Kommotion Fitness Classes?
The system at Kommotion School is consistent every training session. We will always spend time to warm up and prepare the body for the workout. We have sessions that will be more strength oriented and some sessions that are more conditioning focused. Our workouts will target every area of your body. You will burn more calories, build your total body strength, improve your stamina and become more athletic. All of our training sessions incorporate smart training techniques that will help you achieve the results you are looking for.
How do you modify the workout if I am very out of shape?
We can accommodate any fitness level in our training sessions. The workout can be tailored to fit the needs of each individual. We can decrease the volume of the workout, regress the movements, or allow more recovery time. All of the Kommotion Instructors are qualified to modify the training session accordingly.
Do you cover nutrition?
Yes. In our private and small group training, your specific Instructor will guide you to a specific food plan. In our group personal training program, you will receive general guidelines to follow.
Are there any demo classes?
Yes, but it may be paid or free depending on the type of workshop and the availability of our instructor.